My journey

Hello, I am Ema, a professional photographer based on the beautiful island of Tenerife, the most popular of the Canary Islands.

My journey on the island started in 2010, right after graduating from Art School with an MA in art photography.

I was lucky enough to move here with my soulmate from the get go. Together we visited all the islands, learned the language, discovered the hidden beaches and the best places for amazing photography.

All my life I adored being a photographer, discussing photography, meeting people with the same interest and learning more about it.

As a creator I am constantly curious by nature. I love to explore new techniques and push the boundaries of this medium. In my heart I am a child and the shooting location is my playground.

Alongside photography I am genuinely interested in people and their stories. When someone asks me what I do for a living I like to say I am a storyteller, because behind every image of mine there is a real moment in time, part of a unique story. Capturing genuine memories in a medium that can last forever is what I'd like to offer the world as a small personal contribution.

For my MA I chose Maternity as the theme of research as I've always been fascinated with the idea of being a parent and bringing new life into the world. Being a mother myself I get the melancholia of seeing children grow all to fast and I soothe my need to stop time with photography.

My other skills are graphic and industrial design, illustration, dressmaking, and I am very passionate about bicycles, fancy cars and flying planes.

Ema Avarvarii Tenerife Photographer

I have passions for more than one life...

I am not a Jack of all trades, I am a multipotentialite .When I am not shooting, I love sewing dresses . Other times I create visual identities, draw illustrations, cycle with the bikes I have built with my husband, drive around the island with the wind in my hair and document it all with photography. Later it is lovely to revisit past experiences through the photographs I have created.

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