A Family's Sunset Beach Photoshoot

Ah, the Tenerife sunset photoshoot with Marcel, his fiancée, and their son – now that was an experience etched in memory. It was more than a photoshoot; it was a celebration, a birthday gift wrapped in the golden hues of twilight.

Why did this shoot resonate so deeply, you might wonder? Let's start with the enchanting hour of sunset – that soft, golden light that's a photographer's dream. It drapes the world in a warm, amber embrace, perfect for capturing the love and connection of a family.

And then, there's Tenerife. Oh, Tenerife! An island that sings a melody of beauty and mystery, where every nook is a story waiting to be told.

Our meeting spot was Playa Benijo, a place where the ocean whispers age-old tales to the shore. Marcel, with his thoughtful eyes and a smile that spoke of a thousand joys, was there with his fiancée and their young son, a bundle of energy with laughter that could light up the sky. The weather was our ally – a gentle breeze, the sun weaving in and out of the clouds, setting the stage.

Playa Benijo was our canvas – untamed, spirited, and authentic. The cliffs stood tall, like wise old sages, watching over us as we embarked on our photographic journey. The ocean, with its symphony of blues, set the rhythm, occasionally punctuated by the playful shouts of their son.

As the sun began its descent, the sky transformed into a canvas of colors – pinks, oranges, purples – a spectacle of nature's artistry. The light bathed Marcel, his fiancée, and their son in such a way that they seemed to be an integral part of the landscape itself. Those moments, filled with genuine laughter and tender glances, captured against the backdrop of the setting sun, were nothing short of magical.

This photoshoot was more than just capturing images; it was about capturing a feeling, a moment in time where love, family, and the breathtaking beauty of nature came together in perfect harmony.

Love, Ema

A happy family of three, with a man, woman, and a young child, smiling and posing for a photo on the beach.
A young child with bright blue eyes stands on a sandy beach, holding hands with his parents out of frame.
A smiling couple interacts with a pointing toddler on rocks, with mountains in the distance.
A woman kisses a child on the cheek while a man holds him; all three are smiling against a mountain backdrop.
A man lifts a woman on a beach; both are laughing by the sea with a rocky peak behind.
A toddler kisses his father's cheek, making his parents laugh with delight outdoors.
Mother kisses child as father watches, all seated on rocky terrain with joy.
A toddler with sandy feet holds rocks, gazing away on a beach.
Man tosses laughing child in the air on a beach, with mountains behind.
A joyful toddler in a diaper walks on a beach, with a rock formation behind.
Family on a beach; mom and dad kiss while dad holds his child on his shoulders.
Curious toddler with sandy hands on a beach smiles and looks up.
Laughing couple holding hands and walking on a beach with waves and rocks.
Joyful couple running on the shore, smiling at each other, with waves behind.
Man carries woman in his arms on the beach, both laughing, with a rock formation in the background.