"I hope your love is ever growing, ever changing.

I hope your love is powerful and free"

In the tender infancy of their bond, Diego and Amanda have stepped into the frame of my Tenerife photography, their love story unfolding not with grand gestures, but in quiet, sincere moments. Their narrative, like a softly spoken verse, resonates with the purity and promise of new love.

Within the picturesque embrace of the Canary Islands, their romance is not a blazing sun, but the first light of dawn, gentle and full of potential. As their photographer, my role is more than that of a silent observer; I am a scribe, each photograph a verse capturing the essence of their unfolding story.

Their connection, six months young, is a testament to the raw, unadorned beauty of beginning. In the backdrop of Tenerife's gold beach, from the whispering shores to the stoic cliffs, their romantic photoshoot in Tenerife is a canvas, each image a stroke of paint contributing to their love's portrait.

Their beach photoshoot in Tenerife captures the essence of beginnings, each glance, each touch, a silent promise whispered between two souls. It's in these settings that their love, fresh and unscripted, finds its voice, narrating a story genuine and tender.

The images, part of my Tenerife couples photoshoots are stanzas of their love poem, each frame a line, each expression a metaphor.

As their chapter continues, may each image be a reminder of this dawn, this fresh chapter of their journey together. Inspired by their profound connection, their story brought to mind the stirring words of Whitney Hanson's Wedding Poem, a piece I fondly dedicate to their journey together.

Diego and Amanda's narrative, like the most heartfelt poems, doesn't need the weight of years to be profound. In its freshness lies its truth, a gentle stream that promises to grow, to meander, and to find its way, just as a river inevitably finds the sea.

Love, Ema

A couple embracing on a sandy beach with palm trees, man holding flowers and a heart-shaped box.
Man surprises a happy woman with flowers on a palm-lined beach.
Joyful woman receiving a heart-shaped gift from a man on a beach with palm trees.
Man gifting flowers and a red box to a smiling woman on a tropical beach.
Close-up of a smiling woman looking at a man, both standing closely on the beach.
Couple nearly kissing, holding flowers and a gift, with tropical palms in the background.
Intimate moment with a couple touching foreheads, eyes closed, and a serene expression.
Close-up of a couple about to kiss, with a woman smiling and a man holding a red gift box.
A smiling couple sitting on the beach, woman holding flowers, man reaching towards a red box.
Couple sharing a kiss on the beach, with the woman holding flowers and a red gift box.
Man tenderly placing a flower behind the ear of a smiling woman on a beach.
Woman smiling as she playfully places a flower behind the ear of a man on a sandy beach.
Man kissing a woman while she closes her eyes and smiles, both with flowers behind their ears.
Woman gazing affectionately at a man as they sit on the beach.
A couple affectionately looking into each other's eyes, framed by palm trees on a beach.

Wedding Poem

They say that sometimes

love starts with a spark.

And that might be true,

but if I were to wish you a love,

I wouldn't wish fire for you.

You see, fire is powerful.

It burns bright and then it's gone.

It's beautiful and warm,

but it doesn't last long.

So instead of wishing you a love that burns,

I wish you a love like a river twists and turns.

It changes and it flows,

It is powerful and free.

But it consistently finds its way back to the sea.

And so like the water,

I hope your love is ever growing, ever changing.

I hope your love is powerful and free,

And may you always find each other,

Like a river finds the sea.

by Whitney Hanson

Example of a framed photograph in a home environment.

Embrace the Romance

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