Ensuring a Smooth and Enjoyable Photoshoot Experience for Your Little Ones

Family portrait sessions, particularly in the enchanting ambiance of Tenerife, are more than just photo ops; they are a celebration of the deep connections that bind a family. Navigating these sessions with small children, though, can be a delicate dance. Thoughtful preparation is key to ensuring these moments unfold naturally and joyfully. Here are some heartfelt tips to gently guide your little ones into a successful and heartwarming family portrait experience.

Little boy enjoying the ocean water on his feet while looking at the camera.

1. Gently Introduce the Photoshoot

Children, especially the younger ones, thrive on familiarity. Introduce the idea of the photoshoot gently, a few days prior. Share with them the story of where it will be, who will be present, and the flow of the day. Let them see pictures of Tenerife and other family portraits to kindle their imagination. Share with them a bit about me, how you found me, and the warm, wonderful photos I'll take, which they'll one day be able to show their own kids and hang like little treasures on the walls of their home.

2. Embrace Comfort in Style

Comfort and style should go hand-in-hand for children. Select outfits that are not only visually appealing but also gentle to their skin and movement. Shy away from outfits that are new or overly formal if they might cause discomfort. Let your children have a say in what they wear, perhaps a beloved dress or a superhero cape, to help them feel both comfortable and excited.

3. Align with Their Rhythms

The timing of the photoshoot should harmonize with your child's natural rhythm. Avoid scheduling it during their usual rest or meal times. A session post-nap or after a relaxed morning can make a world of difference in their mood and cooperation.

A young girl in a white dress and straw hat smiling while sitting on a blue boat with drawing supplies beside her.

4. Nourish and Hydrate

Little tummies need regular fuel. Pack their favorite snacks and drinks to keep them content and hydrated, especially under the warm Tenerife sun. Steer clear of sugary treats that might lead to sudden energy spikes.

5. Include a Piece of Home

A beloved toy, a cozy blanket, or a favorite book can be a source of comfort in a new setting. These familiar items can also add a personal touch to your photos.

6. Prepare for Water Adventures

If your photoshoot is by the beach, bringing a change of clothes and a warm blanket ensures that your children can enjoy the water and still be cozy afterward.

Toddler boy walking happily on the beach in his diaper with sand on his fingers and looking at the camera.

7. Infuse Fun into the Session

Transform the photoshoot into an enjoyable game. Encourage playful activities and genuine laughter. This not only alleviates any stress but also captures the most natural and joyful expressions.

8. Embrace Patience and Flexibility

Children are wonderfully unpredictable. If a child needs a moment, we'll take it. Sometimes, a brief interlude of play or relaxation can reset the entire mood.

9. Trust in the Magic of Photography

As a photographer and a mother, I have a deep understanding of the nuances of engaging with children. Trust in my ability to guide the session. It's often in the unguarded moments that the most authentic and playful images are captured.

Boy running alongside the beach with a smile on his face and making splashes with his feet.

10. Cherish the Imperfect Perfection

Our aim is to capture the essence of your family just as you are. Embrace the spontaneous, the imperfect, the laughter, and even the tears. These are the elements that contribute to the most heartfelt and memorable photographs.

11. Celebrate Their Contribution

After the session, a small token of appreciation for your child's cooperation can be a sweet end to the adventure, acknowledging their role in creating these lasting family memories.

A boy hangs upside down from his dad's back, both smiling, in a sunny courtyard.


In essence, preparing for a family portrait session with your children is about nurturing an environment filled with love, understanding, and a touch of whimsy. It's about creating a space where memories are not just captured but are lovingly crafted, reflecting the unique tapestry of your family's bond. These photographs will be more than images; they will be timeless stories of your family, treasures that will resonate with warmth and love for years to come. In Tenerife, amidst its natural beauty, we're set to capture these irreplaceable moments, weaving together the magic of your family's story.

Love, Ema

Boy smiling at the camera with a lollipop in his mouth.

Are You Ready to Capture Your Family's Heartfelt Moments?

If this journey resonates with you and you're eager to immortalize your family's unique bond amidst the stunning backdrop of Tenerife, I invite you to connect with me. Let's collaborate to transform your family's moments into a beautiful tapestry of memories. Reach out today to schedule your family portrait session. Together, we'll craft not just photographs, but a treasure trove of heartwarming stories that will echo through your family's generations. Can't wait to meet you and your little ones!