Happiness transcends the need for validation; it simply is.

As I was meticulously editing a stunning image of Amanda and Diego that I took just a week ago, I received a message that filled my heart with joy. A soon-to-be bride shared her sparkling news of engagement, and her excitement leaped off the screen and danced around my studio. It reminded me of the simple truth that happiness, in its purest form, doesn't seek validation; it simply exists, vibrant and unapologetic.

This is the essence of what I strive to capture in every photograph I take. They say when you do what you love, it never feels like work. For me, sifting through my own work, immortalizing moments of unadulterated joy, is my version of relaxation.

I understand the journey to these joyous moments intimately. It took seven long, yet profoundly rewarding years for my man to transform into the marrying kind. I always knew we were destined to be together, right from our very first encounter. And when that day arrived—the day he finally realized our shared destiny—every detail of our future blossomed before my eyes in vivid clarity: from the wedding dress I would wear to the very music that would play as we danced our first dance as a couple.

Embarking on this journey of togetherness is a significant milestone. It's that heart-stopping moment when your life's path crystalizes before you, and you begin crafting a home alongside the soul you've chosen to share your life with. This moment is resplendent, sacred, and deserves to be captured with the depth of emotion it embodies.

As your photographer, my mission is to encapsulate these fleeting moments of sheer bliss and raw emotion. I bring not just my camera, but my heart, my understanding, and my keen eye for the beauty that thrives in genuine, unposed moments. Let's freeze this beautiful chapter of your story in time, creating a collection of images that will forever remind you of the joy, the anticipation, and the profound love that marks the beginning of this beautiful journey.

Book me, and let's immortalize your story of love and happiness together. Because some moments in life are too precious to let slip by unrecorded.



Couple kissing while ocean wave breakes at hey feet creating a visual spectacle in the air.

"So pick me. Choose me. Love me."

—Grey's Anatomy