New York Love Takes a Tenerife Twist

As a photographer at Pixels in Love, capturing Jai and Dave's elopement in the heart of Tenerife was an absolute dream. Escaping the relentless pace of New York, this couple chose to celebrate their love intimately, exchanging vows against the backdrop of the island's stunning ocean vistas and towering palms.

Tenerife's natural beauty was the perfect canvas for their ceremony. Soft hues of whites and pinks set the scene, with bouquets of palm leaves, roses, and daisies adding a touch of the island's charm. Jai, in her beautiful gown, was elegant, her veil flowing like the waves behind her. Dave complemented her perfectly, his pink and white ensemble mirroring the pristine environment. As their photographer, capturing the joy and harmony between them was an experience I'll cherish.

Their story is one of spontaneity and deep love. Dave's impromptu proposal, a heartfelt moment at their local park, set the tone for their journey together - unconventional, romantic, and true to their hearts. Their time in Tenerife wasn't just a celebration of their wedding but a testament to their adventurous spirits.

Through my lens, I witnessed not just a ceremony, but a celebration of companionship and individuality. It's these unique stories that make my job as a photographer so fulfilling. Jai and Dave's elopement was a beautiful reminder that sometimes, the most profound love stories are the ones that break away from the ordinary.


Ema Avarvarii

Bride and groom laughing and dancing at their Tenerife beachfront wedding.
Radiant bride with bouquet, laughing under floral arch by the sea.
Joyful bride holding a bouquet, veiled in sunlight and laughter.
Groom in white vest and pink shirt smiling with boutonnière.
Bride joyfully looking at groom in foreground at their elopement.
Bride and groom smiling closely, wrapped in an intimate moment.
Groom lifting the bride in a playful pose on their wedding day.
Groom affectionately nuzzling bride who is holding a bouquet.
Bride and groom sharing a tender moment under a floral archway.
Bride and groom exchanging rings, officiant in foreground at ceremony.
Bride and groom celebrating with laughter, bride's veil caught in the breeze.

Jai and Dave's story is a testament to the beauty of love that goes beyond the conventional. It's about finding your paradise, be it in a bustling city or on a tranquil island. As a photographer who thrives on capturing these intimate tales, I invite you to write your own love story, wherever that may take you.

If you're dreaming of an elopement that breaks all boundaries and speaks to the heart, let's connect.